Monday, April 14, 2008

Its the real deal, I'm telling you!!

I don't blame some of you for not believing those prior photos of my sister and her loves, Johnny and Orlando. I should have warned you beforehand.

I didn't believe them myself and actually threw the word Photoshopped at her.

That truly is the adorable Orlando. He made a wonderful elf in Lord of the Rings.

It was her fault for not telling me she was hanging out in the Bahamas-- at the same hotel, at the same time, --as the cast of Pirates of the Caribbean (II and III) during filming. Her hubby was having some sort of "business retreat", and my sister had a chance encounter with those cuties. I assure you, only after speaking with my brother-in-law who never lies, I became a believer!

That's Johnny Depp. He wears more make-up than my sister. I don't mind that.

These are the actual photos my sister originally sent me--ever so nonchalantly, I must say! Why she didn't take out a full page add in the Daily Herald (my hometown paper) to announce her photo-op, I'll never know.

Johnny and My Brother-In-Law-Who-Never-Lies sharing a Home-boy handshake.
They must be best friends, I guess.


Kairle said...

What?! Are you saying that I'm a liar and DH isn't. What's up with that?!

That truly was my favorite vacation of all time and with all this crazy weather that we've been having, I'm ready to go again!

Kairle said...

BTW, Mom must be reading your blog. She called and left a message on my phone asking about the pictures. I guess she's behind the times. LOL!

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

Yay Mom! Are you up to Stage 2 and reading comments yet? Mom?

Ty Kairle Annie for being the subject of my post. I bet every sister wants a sister that hugged Johnny and Orlando. And, NO, I don't think you are a liar now..... :)

Kari said...

OK, now I am drooling and I am not kidding! If I was your sister, I would make a collage of these, and that would be the CHRISTMAS CARD I would send out to everyone I know, then I'd do it again the NEXT year, in case they forGOT!!!! I loved 1 and 2 of Pirates. I would have loved 3 if not for the hideous ending.