Saturday, December 26, 2009

Portland Oregon and a wedding!

In the middle of December, the six of us boarded at plane to Portland, Oregon to be with family for the wedding of Kerrie and Pavel Dunn. Kerrie is the daughter of James' brother, Larry.

Day One: checked into Embassy Suites Hotel near the airport (and for those who know us, we use Embassy for their breakfasts). Napped a little, ate at Shari's Restaurant, then went to the charming church where we helped Larry and Diane (and others) with a little set-up for the reception the next day.

Day Two: awoke to a delicious breakfast, then we got ready for the wedding at the Portland Temple. This was our first time in the Pacific Northwest as a family. Winter here is VERY different than our SoCal! I was fascinated by the moss that surrounded the trees. I'd love to see this place in the summertime! After the temple wedding, our group dined at a Thai Food place. Later, we headed to the old, Mormon church for the reception. Kerrie chose the prettiest colors, and her mother, Diane, did an amazing job with creating all the table linens and chair covers! James and Larry were masters at stringing many lights throughout the ballroom (no basketball standards here! *wink*). I wish I could just blog about the food that Diane and her friends and her sisters put together. What a spread! The cake was the most delicious creation of Diane's. She is going to have to publish the recipe and make a fortune!

Day Three: Jenna found the pool and I found the gym before breakfast. Although it was another drizzly day in Portland, we wanted to check out the Portland Saturday Market. James heard it was nicknamed The Hippie Market, but I beg to differ. There were a lot of amazing vendors that were possibly NOT hippies. :) After the market, we headed to "Uncle Larry's" house. Our girls were so thrilled to be with these cousins they hadn't seen in about 10 years. The girls were already making plans for cousin Jamieson, 15, to come hang out in SoCal with us next summer. Alicia, home from college, was playing the role of mom, since her own mom was out of town for Kerrie's next reception. We missed one more cousin, Jesse, who is serving a mission for the LDS church in Taiwan. Monica also had a friend join us, since he just lives just North of Portland. Small world! We didn't want to leave on Sunday. Rain or shine, we loved connecting with our Portland family!


Julie Radmall said...

We miss you, Aunt Suzie, and can't wait for you to meet Autumn :) Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Kari said...

Oh man, Susan--SO GOOD to hear from you on your blog! It's been like forever--:)

Thanks for posting photos--I love to see your family. Your girls are beautiful. I've never been to the Portland Temple but what a great event to get everybody together! :)

Audrey said...

Cute photo of you and James! Glad you had a great trip.

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Stacey said...

Sis. Green?! That's what I will always remember you as my cool YW leader...I was blog stalking and stumbled on your blog. You guys still look young and cute! What a cute family! We live in Oregon and I love the Portland temple! In case you don't remember me...Stacey Snyder, TO 1st ward.