Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some baby pix of us...

I am so thankful for digital cameras and that they hold a gazillion pictures.

But sometimes I am too lazy to upload the whole group of photos, I don't do it.

Then I don't have anything fun to show you.

But I was browsing absent-mindedly thru my old photos and ran across the kids' pictures.

Maybe you will find them as fun to remember as I have!


Kari said...

Susan--thank you for posting those great photos! I too, am extremely grateful for digital cameras. Amanda has such a "calm determination" in her eyes, even as a little one. I don't even think that describes it very well...your kids are just beautiful. (OK, you and James are too, of course...well, YOU know...) :)

Audrey said...

Although I think I know these faces and am lucky enough to spend time gazing into at least 2 of them during YW on Sunday, thanks for sharing unknown glimpses of them that I didn't know. Very cute!

Kelli Radmall said...

Cutie Pie! I love looking at old pictures. Your girls are adorable.